Lotmiškio str. 19A, Neringa

tel. +370 611 04860, e-mail: info@lotmiskis.lt

Apartment and prices

6 rooms, where up to 15 holiday-makers can have a rest, are being rented out at the villa "Lotmiškis". These rooms are comfortable, cozy and stylishly arranged. The elegant furniture of a high quality, convenient beds, provided with mattresses and bedclothes are placed in the rooms; the bathrooms are equipped with the most qualitative sanitary and bathroom accessories; the floor is heated. Each room is provided with the wide-format TV-set, the wireless Internet up to 8 Mb/sec. to be used free of charge, the individual system of air-conditioning and the automated heating, which can be regulated. There are a mini-refrigerator, electric kettles and china in the rooms.

Detailed description of the premises and their prices:


1. The tenancy services are rendered at the villa “Lotmiškis” all year round.

2. Arrival – from 03.00 p.m.; departure – till 12.00 a.m.

3. At the guest’s request, if there is the possibility and after having agreed the possibility to prolong the period of stay at the villa with the administrator/the person on duty (hereinafter referred to as the “Administrator”), the period of tenancy of the room for rest can be prolonged for a certain extra charge on the day of Your intended departure.

4. The administrator acquaints the guest(s), who has (have) arrived, with the requirements of the rulebook, shows the hired room, explains the principle of operation of the devices, which are installed in the room, and answers the questions, presented by the guest(s).

5. The guest(s) is (are) registered in the register, which is kept at the villa “Lotmiškis”; the following data must be entered: the guest(s)’ name and surname, personal identification number or the date of birth, number of the submitted identification document, number of the room, the period of rest from --- till ---, contact telephone number / e-mail; the guest must sign.

6. For the period of rest the guest is provided with two coded magnetic cards, serving as the keys of the room; 15 EUR must be paid for these cards as the bail. The pay will be returned to the guest on the day of his/her departure, after the room is let to the administrator.

7. The fixed number of people, agreed with the administrator at the moment of booking the room, can rest in the hired room. The persons, invited by the guest, can enter the territory of the villa till 10.00 p.m.

8. It is prohibited to smoke in the rooms and in the premises, assigned for common use.

9. The holiday-makers together with their domestic animals are not accepted to the villa.

10. It is prohibited to bring the bicycles into the premises of the villa. Special places are equipped at the territory for this purpose.

11. The devices, furniture and the other equipment, existing in the room, must be used according to their assignment. It is prohibited to move the articles, existing in the room, to the other premises and outdoors.

12. The guest must indemnify the tangible detriment, caused to the hired premises or to the territory of the villa (the broken windows, sanitary accessories, furniture, devices, etc. as the result of their use not according to their assignment), according to the order, established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

13. The guest must keep to the generally accepted moral standards and must behave decently so as not to hinder the other guests of the villa to have a rest.